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Caisson Construction Services

Caisson Construction is committed toward excellence from the start of a project to its final completion. We take pride in the systems our company has in place, which include the close networking between the office and field teams, and the implementation of the three Phases of construction, Pre-construction, Construction and Post Construction. We take the needs and visions of each client very serious, and will go above and beyond to guarantee its success.

We look forward in servicing your specific needs.

Pre-Construction Phase

  • « Review with the client, architect, and engineers the overall concept of the project

  • « Prepare a preliminary budget (if documentation is available) and provide a breakdown for each phase or element of the work

  • « Prepare a preliminary master schedule which incorporates the sequence and timing required program, decisions, design time, documentation, bid requests, bid evaluations, long lead material purchases, contract awards, and on-site construction activities

  • « As construction documents proceed, evaluate possible alternatives in order to permit the selection of the most suitable and economical materials, methods, and systems that will satisfy the program requirements, the design concept, and yield maximum value to the client

  • « Revise and update the preliminary budget and schedule on a continuing basis to reflect changes in the program

  • « Pre-order critical materials, as required, to meet the schedule of overall construction activities

  • « Perform accurate quantity surveys and estimates, and obtain material, equipment and subcontractor quotes from selected trades when plans and specifications are sufficiently complete, and establish a lump sum price

  • « Establish a cost breakdown, and prepare a cash flow analysis for the project

Construction Phase

  • « Arrange with the client for adequate insurance for the project

  • « Work closely with local building officials to ensure that all permits and licenses required for construction are obtained

  • « Implement a quality control program to meet project requirements, and administer a job safety program for accident prevention

  • « Set up temporary construction facilities and services for the project

  • « Prepare contract documents for subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that applicable legal requirements are met. Recommend bonding, when required, and inspect insurance certificates for compliance with the contract requirements and applicable statues

  • « Provide planning, scheduling, expediting, technical coordination and supervision necessary for the proper execution of the work

  • « Provide technical and financial administration with respect to progress payments, updating cash flow requirements and hold back releases

  • « Expedite the receipt of shop drawings to ensure compliance with the specified requirements before submitting them to the architect for approval

  • « Evaluate and process all change orders. Examine changes by vendors and trade contractors to ensure that they are reasonable and in accordance with the contract documents

  • « Ensure that as-built drawings, maintenance manuals, and operating instructions are properly completed and provided to the client

  • « Prepare punchlist items, and ensure that corrective measures are taken

Post-Construction Phase

  • « Carefully inspect the work with members of the project team and, upon approval, see that a certificate of completion is issued

  • « Maintain a close relationship with the operating staff to ensure a smoother and proper take-over of the project including all necessary training and instruction of personnel in maintenance and efficient operation of the equipment and systems installed

  • « Assist client in administering guarantees during the guarantee period

  • « Remain available for client after completion to help administer any construction-related activities

    •       « Punch List completion from final walk-thru

    •       « Warranty/Guarantee Books, including close-out manuals, as-built drawings, and any other requirement as applicable to the individual scopes of work

    •       « Final Lien Releases from all subcontractors

    •       « Final Billing